It is becoming increasingly difficult to discern the difference between the present and the past, between what is familiar and what is foreign. Events that took place just minutes ago are being constantly erased, while memories that you have been able to keep at bay for decades now come rushing towards you.

Despite the explorations of poets, novelists, scientists and philosophers, the realm of memory remains a great mystery. And Sundowner's Syndrome remains an unanswered question. Why is it that just as the sun goes down, so many of those with Alzheimer's become particularly disorientated and confused? 

Director Kate Denborough’s use of conventional theatrical conceits succeeds in enhancing Morse’s plight and building emotional depth that hits at a gut level.
— Stephanie Glickman, Herald Sun 2012

Creative Team

Conceived and directed by Kate Denborough
Conceived and written by David Denborough

Performed and devised by Helen Morse, Gerard Van Dyck, Michelle Heaven, Stuart Christie with additional performers : Jackie Rees, Timothy Ohl, Craig Bary and Gabrielle Nankivell Tivoli Lovelies: Betty Arnold, Vicki Charleston, Verlie Whittaker, Jackie O'Neil, Dot Lanphier, Lillian Parianos, Lila Wells, Julie Obst, Josephine Harvey, Audrey Martinelli, Maureen Johnson and Carol Drever. 

Composed by Kelly Ryall with additional music by Paul Kelly and Megan Washington

Lighting Design by Damien Cooper

Set Realisation by Julie Renton

Costume Design by Paula Levis