Through our KAGE Coach program, KAGE actively encourages the participation of dance. We offer mentoring for the next generation of dancers and also workshop programs that cater for a variety of skills and experience.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Beth Wilkinson



with Anna Seymour & Gerard Van Dyck

During the premiere season of KAGE’s latest work Out Of Earshot, performer Anna Seymour, and performer and Creative Director, Gerard Van Dyck will conduct a workshop for dance and movement artists of varying experience. KAGE’s workshop will be informative, fun, explorative and inclusive, and will focus on how sound and silence can inform the creation of movement and choreography.

In the workshop, Anna will bring her own perspectives and experiences as a dancer who is profoundly Deaf, and interpreters will be provided. 

The workshop will cover solo and duo explorations of the following themes and ideas:

  • The sounds and silence of our inner bodies - our bones, muscles, organs. 
  • Exploring rhythms - natural and those inspired by music. How this may change due to different availability of senses. I.e. If one sense is 'missing' what happens instead? 
  • Working with each other using non-verbal communication. 
  • Using touch and trust to guide us. 
  • Visualising silence.
  • Visualising sound.
  • Explore different ways you can experience sound, how you can 'listen' and communicate with your body. 
  • Inclusive dance practice, working with the senses that are available for us, and the idea of using culture and language as a tool in creating movement and choreography.

Friday 9 June, 1 - 4pm
Chunky Move, 111 Sturt Street, Southbank, Victoria 3006

Workshop fee: $26 (+ 30 cents booking fee)

For more information, contact Gerard Van Dyck.


Led by KAGE Creative Director Gerard Van Dyck, our workshop program offers opportunities for both students and adults to learn dance theatre skills through highly interactive and stimulating physical classes. Workshops are tailored to the group and no prior dance experience is necessary. 

As well as offering one-off workshops, we are also able to offer artist in residence programs. For more information about our education programs please contact Gerard Van Dyck.



Over a decade of being affiliated with the company as first a student, emerging artist and finally company member, KAGE has been one of the biggest influences on my practice and career as an artist and performer.
— Amy Macpherson