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Does your business need a shake up in 2015?
How about a dance workshop designed specifically for your organisation, led by KAGE Creative Director Gerard Van Dyck?

KAGE CORPORATE uses dance and choreography to re-invigorate office staff. The workshops are a fun, disciplined and inspirational opportunity to promote physical and mental health. Studies have shown that productivity is enhanced when staff routinely engage in physically creative activities. Gerard’s customised workshops deal with relevant corporate issues including:

  • teamwork and diversity
  • collaboration
  • change agility
  • problem solving

In the first hour participants will be taught basic safe-dance principles, movement efficiency and warm up exercises that will challenge balance, stamina, coordination and memory. During the second half of the workshop they will learn a short and exhilarating piece of choreography with a partner, and this will introduce them to the notion of storytelling and communication through movement.

Participants can expect to get a first-hand insight into the creative workings of one of KAGE's Creative Directors. Gerard will reveal his distinctive professional approach to making live dance theatre performance which aims to be accessible, entertaining and thought provoking.

For enquiries please contact Gerard@KAGE.com.au