kage coach



KAGE COACH is a program run by KAGE's Artistic Director Kate Denborough and Creative Director Gerard Van Dyck. The program was initiated as part of the Company's residency at Arts Centre Melbourne in 2009 and has since grown to now include secondment opportunities, traineeships, work experience, classes, workshops and volunteer positions.

Past participants comments

'The KAGE COACH program is a unique opportunity for emerging artists. It was an absolute indulgence to be given the time, space and freedom to develop our ideas without the pressure of a looming deadline or immediate outcome. More importantly it was the personal time that we were able to spend with not one but two directors, that was really precious to us. By the end of the coaching period we had produced a fairly substantial amount of material for the new work, which was then shown in a professional but informal showing. This showing meant that all of our expectations for the program were met and concluded with a satisfying end result. The values of questioning, editing and experimenting during the creative process, were all elements that KAGE placed emphasis on during this period. These are concepts that I will continue to carry with me in future practice, along with the importance of being versatile, self sufficient and innovative when making work in the independent dance scene'

'The KAGE COACH program lived up to my expectations. As Kate and Gerard were mentoring me, they helped me articulate and refine my choices of movement and text. I presented my ideas and then they provided feedback, assisting me to find depth in my work. Through Kate and Gerard's feedback, we worked together to push and extend what I initially presented. I left with a sense that I had the necessary tools to create thought provoking theatre. The most valuable thing I learnt with KAGE was how to articulate my ideas and how to transpose them into physicality. I also learnt the value of understanding why these ideas are relevant and why I felt it important to explore them within my work. Having mentors to probe and question my decisions made my vision of the project clearer, which will undoubtedly benefit both me as an artist and my work.'

'KAGE COACH definitely lived up to our expectations, and even offered us an array of surprises along the way. We also discussed the very important business side of independent performance creation, and talked about possible avenues for our own Company to go down. The advice we were given from Kate Denborough and Gerard Van Dyck was clear, succinct, and inspiring. The most valuable aspect of the KAGE COACH program was meeting new people and establishing stronger professional connections. On the whole, the program was an inspiring way to get established perspectives on emerging careers.'