A new dance movie produced by Jo Strømgren Kompani and Nordic Stories, featuring cellist Truls Mørk and collaborating dance companies 420PEOPLE (Prague) and KAGE (Melbourne).

A closed café hosts a cellist playing Zoltan Kodaly’s Cello Sonata Op.8 and four individuals with a peculiar agenda. Reality deviates for half an hour!

Jo Strømgren and Stein Roger Bull were the directors of the Rose d’Or winning Neighbour. Not only is this new film in the hands of competent producer Nordic Stories,  it is also a rare occasion to see world renowned cellist Truls Mørk as a film character. The film will be created collectively by no less than five choreographers!

Creative team
Cellist: Truls Mørk
Dancers/co-choreographers: Natasa Novotna, Vaclav Klunes, Kate Denborough, Gerard Van Dyck
Choreography: Jo Strømgren and dancers
Direction: Jo Strømgren, Stein Roger Bull
Producer: Nordic Stories
Co-producers: Jo Strømgren Kompani, KAGE, 420People
Funding: Film Board of Norway

Rehearsed in Melbourne with the support of The Abbotsford Convent.