IMAGE CREDIT: Alison Laird

A celebration of two cultures geographically distinct but intimately linked through a shared experience of suppression.

Caught in the Middle is a beautiful and affecting performance inspired by the lived experiences of Indigenous artists Heath Bergersen and Elle Sofe Henriksen. Directed by Kate Denborough, Caught in the Middle urges us all to consider our own identity and our connection to First Nations people.

Combining dance traditions from both Sámi and Australian Aboriginal cultures with contemporary forms, Caught in the Middle creates a new shared physical language, highlighting connections formed across borders and oceans, across different languages and values. Sámi yoiking, didgeridoo and modern day jazz and pop vocals meld together to create an arresting soundtrack to this extraordinary multi-disciplinary performance.

Caught in the Middle is a captivating new work from the genre defying Australian dance company KAGE.

Creative Team

Conceived and Directed by Kate Denborough

Created in collaboration with the cast:
Eirik Fuglesteg Luksengard               
Elle Evangelista                                             
Elle Sofe Henriksen                            
Heath Bergersen                                
Sara Marielle Gaup                           
Steinar Raknes                                               
Timothy Ohl   

Co- Producers : Dansearena nord (Norway) and NorrlandsOperan (Sweden)


We recently completed our second creative development of Caught in the Middle at a Bundanon Trust residency in NSW. Thank you to Bundanon Trust for this opportunity.

Our 2017 Creative Development has also been supported by:


Caught in the Middle will be touring February 12 - March 25 throughout Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Presenters - for further information, technical specifications and marketing pack please contact Kate Denborough.