about us



KAGE is the creative partnership of Kate Denborough and Gerard Van Dyck. Meeting whilst completing a Bachelor of Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts in 1992, the two formed an immediate and unique affiliation. Kate and Gerard's visionary partnership has sparked for seventeen years and since their performance debut in 1997, KAGE has propelled dance-theatre into fresh territory, claiming international awards, recognition and new audiences along the way.

KAGE makes exceptional dance theatre. Visually stunning, arresting, provocative, humorous and humane; KAGE uses honesty and imagination to continually explore and redefine what dance can be.

KAGE strives to create work that's felt as often as it's explained. Technically rigorous and visually striking dance theatre becomes a platform for work about the subtlety of experience; about the millions of gigantic-yet-tiny, deeply felt, funny and ultimately connected moments that make up our lives – success, failure, awkwardness, panic, tears and reckless joy. The work of KAGE is to render these, and other human things, physical.

More than dance. Not quite theatre. Not circus, or poems, or dreams; but like these... KAGE strikes out for new ground; innovating and reconceiving dance theatre to draw humour, humanity and pathos from the physicality of human bodies.

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